The Stories

With the Romulans forever plotting against the Federation in ways both subtle and overt, the Federation must forever remain vigilant and weary of the careful manipulations of their long time enemy. Regardless of the climate in the political circles, agents of the Romulan Empire are always at work in the pursuit of their own goals and ideas.

Recognizing this, the crew of the USS Arizona has been sent to the Romulan Neutral Zone in an effort to counter these efforts. Her Commanding Officer, Captain Cowell, has been charged with the task of gathering together a diverse group of staff whose abilities and strengths will enable them to combat the ministrations of those elements of the Romulan Empire who operate outside of the direct wishes of their masters, seeking to harm the Federation and subvert our way of life.

Are you ready to pit your skills against skilled assassins, master spies, and agents of darkness that threaten the livelihood of all who wish to be free of oppression. If so, join the crew of the USS Arizona as they go boldly into the darkness to bring evil to heel and tame the seedy underworld laying beneath the tense surface of peace.